McLaren’s P1 GTR has hit circuits.

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Want something more than a McLaren P1 for your weekend adrenaline pushing track event? Well look no further than McLaren’s P1 GTR. To have the opportunity of being invited into the program you will first have to have to purchase a McLaren P1 which are sold out. With a base price of 1.6 million US dollars it comes as no surprise the original P1 was meant for the world’s elite.  Luckily for the original 375 owners of a P1 they have received letters inviting them to spend another 3.36 million US dollars to get the track focused GTR version if ever the P1 was not enough.

The limited run of these P1 GTRs will be built and maintained by McLaren MSO (McLaren’s Special Operations bespoke program). Each owner will be offered participation into 6 worldwide track events they want to attend with McLaren and a pit crew accompanying them the whole time. Owners will also gain access to McLaren’s technology center and train with technology used by F1 pilots to up their game.

McLaren’s goal with this 986bhp P1 GTR is to offer its client the best driver’s car track experience. The P1 GTR will be the most powerful track car ever built by the British carmaker. With F1 technology being incorporated into this car, such as DRS for the massive wing that is fixed to the rear of the car, owners will surely find their adrenaline rush. With no homologations to pass for road legality, engineers were given a white-card as to optimize the original P1s aerodynamic and push the most horsepower out of its power plant.

With GT inspired diffusers and air-jack systems that help with tire changes, owners will surely feel as if they were in a real race. Per McLarens word, each owner will have his or her pit crew ready to optimize the car to the owner’s preference at each event they decide to participate in.

As seen in these images the interior has been completely stripped out and an F1 inspired steering wheel has been implemented. The car seems to retain A/C functions as well as the multimedia rich IRIS system that has been implemented into all of McLaren’s road models. Even though they seem to have retained the E-Mode on the P1 GTR, I doubt many owners will be going around the track with it.

Through their latest press release, McLaren have confirmed testing is currently underway at various circuits around the world to optimize every component of the P1 GTR. Considering only a handful of these cars will be built, it’s a shame most of us car enthusiasts will probably never even see one in the flesh.

With its retail price of 4.93 million US dollars considering the initial P1 purchase, you have to keep in mind this is only meant for exclusive clients of the marque. Hopefully McLaren will share some more videos and images of this magnificent piece of engineering once it is completed and clients have started going around circuits with them.

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