Jaguar adds some interesting F-Type options at the LA Auto Show

By November 22, 2014 Cars No Comments

Jaguar has just revealed its new derivative models for its F-Type at the LA Auto show. 14 different models are now offered by the English marque in cabriolet and coupé. The highlights include a 6-speed manual gearbox as well as an all-wheel drive option. Both options can be bought separately. 6-speed manual rear wheel drive insanity is to ensue from this brilliant decision.

The top of the line R F-Type is now offered as a convertible with the above mentioned options. It seems that many clients will be taking out their cheque books in the next few months. I am not the fondest of press releases but this quote from Jaguars release does summarize what these new options mean to the brand. “The addition of all-wheel drive and manual transmission options to the range will further enhance the F-TYPE’s dynamic capability and offer even greater driver reward – broadening its appeal to sports car enthusiasts worldwide.”

To recap basic specs of the top of line F-Type, it leaves the factory with an impressive 550 horsepower and 680 newton meters of torque. These figures are without a doubt in direct correlation with a pleasurable driving experience. The F-Type is a proven car for anyone looking for a sporty car that is sure not to disappoint. With the Project 7 cars shipping at the start of 2015 the F-Type will be a car to be remembered many years down the road.

I cannot hide that Jaguar has been impressing me quite a lot in the past few years. Ever since the F-Type was released they seem to be on a mission to revive the brand and sell more units. The revival of the E-Type project which you can view below is also a reason I’ve been quite fond of the brand lately.

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