Lotus Jumps Renault Truck Over F1 Car

By November 22, 2014 Cars No Comments

Lotus has been struggling all season with the F1 program. Its a shame that the cars driven by Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado are rarely seen at the front of the grid. Nevertheless the company has just released a publicity stunt that will most likely become viral among car & F1 enthusiasts. By the #redefinerecouds hashtag it seems maybe we have more of these videos to come?

Here is the description right from Lotus and EMC. “Why jump a giant semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car? If you’re EMC and Lotus F1 Team, it’s a unique way to demonstrate how we “Redefine Motorsports,” bringing the power of EMC technology to the Lotus F1 Team—and setting a world record in the process”

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