The process of creating a three-wheeled monster.

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Campagna Motor’s history dates back to 1988 when a prototype was created to incorporate a motorcycle engine with a three wheeled chassis. It was 7 years later in 1995 that Campagna launched its first production model which you could describe as a reverse trike side by side vehicle. Fast forward 9 years and you can now purchase from them a vehicle that allows you to rediscover all your favorite roads and tracks. At merely 4 inches from the ground with direct steering and instant power delivery you can now dominate any road. With clients from the four corners of the globe, making this package work for all types of roads was an important goal. With the stability of a car made possible by the three wheel concept and a powerful engine and the lightness inspired from the motorcycle industry, Campagna Motors mixed the best of both worlds.

The creation of a T-Rex starts with the welding of the tubular frame which allows for an unparalleled rigidity in the chassis and a solid foundation. The chassis also acts as a roll cage in the event of an accident. The tubes are fabricated in advance and stored on racks by individual piece to make sure no piece is forgotten in the welding process before it’s shipped out for painting.

Once the painted frame returns to the shop, it is attached to a work trolley that will follow the T-Rex all along its creation. Through 18 different workstations the employees at Campagna Motors will put together their creation. Each chassis is assigned one builder and will take more than 40 hours of manual labor to produce in addition to more than 20 hours of pre assembly divided between each station.

Each station is equipped with only the tools that will be required for that stage of the build. Pre assemblers are given the exact number of pieces needed on a wooden tray for each station to assure quality control for every element to be installed on the T-Rex. This insures there is no extra washer and there is no missing bolts.

Once the suspension and electrical systems are installed, the engine is prepared to be mounted into the T-Rex. Campagna used to buy whole bikes and take them apart for the pieces they would need for their builds but due to a new partnership with BMW Motorrad things have changed quite a bit.

Imported directly from Germany, the T-Rex is fitted with a 6 cylinder 1649cc motorcycle engine that produces more than 160hp and 129 lb-ft of torque. Skilled technicians prepare each engine and verifies every components to assure its integrity as no detail is over looked.

The BMW engine is fitted with an engineered 7 speed gearbox strictly used by Campagna Motors vehicles. You get a 6 speed sequential transmission with 1 reverse gear for the purposes of the T-Rex.

Once the engine is mounted the wheels are aligned, the T-Rex is ready to receive its cosmetic makeover. It is to note that Campagna uses many high quality components from renowned manufacturers such as Wilwood, BF Goodrich and Elka Suspension.

The front cowls are stored in racks which are quite a sight to see when they are aligned through the assembly aisles in the factory. The different colors truly distinguish themselves from one another and really allow the owners to personalize their vehicles to their tastes.

Additional cowls and pieces have custom made racks to insure they are not scratched or damaged once they come back from the paint shop. No detail is left behind at Campagna to insure you receive a top quality product and they do everything to surpass your expectations.

The finished product we see here is a white T-Rex 16S fitted with the carbon package as well as red leather seats. Every vehicle to leave the factory is accompanied with a “birth certificate” that follows it from the first station until the vehicle is retired. Every detail is marked down by the technicians. On one of the reports they showed me they specified which bolts were harder to screw on in case it would have to be replaced. For a company producing about 4 units a week and 140 a year they are very meticulous about every aspect of the build of these machines.

Every T-Rex is fitted with a custom dashboard also taken from their partnership with BMW Motorrad. For obvious reasons they have a custom program imbedded into the electrical circuit and the “16S” message appears to greet you on every start up. Every T-Rex fitted with the BMW engine comes with three modes, Dynamic allows you full power delivery and top performance. Road cuts power to about 80% and makes the T-Rex an easier machine to tame around town. Rain mode cuts the power down to 70% and allows for an easy way to get use to the machine as well as a more user friendly throttle response.

At their Factory in Boucherville, Quebec Campagna Motors offers a service program right at their factory. Owners involved in accidents, who need servicing or simply want to upgrade their machine can role in and have the team do all the work for them. While I was visiting they had one 16S P Package (Includes upgraded brake and suspension, Akrapovic exhaust, Sparco steering as well as all the options offered on the 16S base model), two 14r models (which were built using components from the Kawasaki ZX-14) and one VR13R built around a Harley Davidson 1250cc engine.

The factory is a sight in itself with shelves lined with all the pieces needed to build the T-Rex and a range of prototypes all stacked neatly in the warehouse where you can witness the evolution from the prototypes to the final product.

For such a small shop I was quite impressed with the level of detail put into every single vehicle. Its details such as the lifelong report and the top notch technicians and quality control procedures that make Campagna Motors what it is.  Each employee I spoke with resonated with their passion for motorized vehicles and their love for the products they build and sell.