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It does not come as a surprise that the value of the Ford GT is at an all time high. As teenagers move to adulthood, their dreams of owning the real life counterparts of their Hot Wheels toys can come true. The Ford GT has become a coveted automobile over the years and for good reasons. It’s the last of a dying breed of analog vehicles that once roamed the streets. When GTs were manufactured more then a decade ago, they fell in direct competition with the fiercest of the horses and bulls Italy was producing. Today, the whole idea of a car with fewer frills that offers lots of thrills is a tempting one that cannot be undermined.

As one of the rare purebred supercars built and developed in America, the GT remains as interesting as it was back when it was first introduced. To have the opportunity to ride along in one for an afternoon was making me quite eager. As I set eyes on this GT I knew I was in for an afternoon I would not forget. The red calipers were glistening through the lightweight wheels and the doors were welcoming me to bang my head on their cut-out roof design. I had signed up for quite a ride.

We took the time to get the fluids pumping before firing the engine up since the GT had been sitting for a couple weeks. We built up the oil pressure and were ready to fire the roaring V8. As the engine gave its first roar of life the garage it sat in resonated with its eagerness to take on the roads. We pulled out and were headed to get some petrol at the station.

The GT undeniably attracted looks wherever we went. It felt like everyone knew what it was and was etching to get a closer look. As we pulled into a somewhat remote gas station, the engine note resonated through the roof over the gas station pumps right until we shut off the engine. As I got out as best I could from the car without looking like an imbecile (the cut-off roof design makes it hard to exit the car when you have to watch out for a curb) we already had half a dozen people taking a look and pointing our way.

We fueled up, warmed up the engine on some small tight roads and were off to ride on a loop that would last a good hour and a half. It became apparent quite quickly that the GT was built with function over form in mind. From the door design that made it hard to get in and out of the car ¾ of the time to the uncomfortable seats (they looked like plastic from afar but are made from frau leather), the performance of this Ford spoke for itself. The car’s stiff suspension and agile natures undeniably inspired confidence as we were building speed.

As we approached a line-up of three cars and our lane divided into two, we dropped a gear and pressed hard on the gas. The GT felt right at home overtaking the three cars, leaving their headlights to quickly fade out of my mirror. We continued along on our way as the lanes became one again and we went back to cruising speeds.

When you’re in a GT you have to appreciate what the car stands for and what it offers you. You cannot expect luxury or any means of driver assistance in this automobile. All you have is a steering wheel, a proven manual gearbox, a powerful engine, and a stiff suspension to drive at your hearts content. The GT is certainly not a car to drive from point A to point B, but instead a car to appreciate and enjoy every moment with along the way.

From the start to finish of our ride the car stuck to the road like bubblegum sticks to hair. The engine never skipped a beat and kept pushing us back in our seats as the landscape around us blurred out of focus. The manual gearbox offered precise control of the engines regime and, providing an authentic feel to the whole package.

I am not a purist by any means, and I love to see new technologies emerge year after year. Uncontestably tough, going back to basics always brings a huge smile on my face and that’s exactly what it did to me and many onlookers on the beautiful summer day we had with the GT.

Engine capacity / 5,409CC
Type / 90° V8
Technology / Twin-screw Supercharged, Dry Sump
Valvetrain / 32-VALVE, DOHC
Bore X Stroke / 90.2MM X 105.8MM
Compression ratio / 8.4:1
Power / (410KW) 550HP @ 6,500RPM
Torque / 678NM (500 Lb-Ft) @ 3,750

Type: Ricardo manual
Gears: Six-speed

Tyre type / Goodyear F1 Supercar
Front tyre / 235/45 R18
Rear tyre / 315/40 R19
Brake type / Cross-drilled and Ventilated discs
Brake calipers / (F/R) Four-piston/Four-piston
Wheel size / (F/R) 9” X 18”/11.5” X 19”

Maximum speed / 330KPH (205MPH)

Acceleration figures:
0-100KPH (62MPH) / 3.5s
0-160KPH (100MPH) / 7.4S
0-241MPH (150MPH) / 16.9S
0-400M (¼ MILE) / 11.2S @ 211.1KPH (131.2MPH)

Weight Information:
Din weight / 3390.7LB

Fuel consumption / 16.80 L/100 km (14 mpg)
Power to weight / 351.15PS/Tonne (346.35HP/Tonne)